Lagos is the most populous state in Nigeria with a population of more than 23 million with projection of hitting 30 million by 2035 and 40 million by 2050. Every hour, 85 people migrate to Lagos State.

The food market in Lagos State is worth a whopping 5 trillion Naira. This is equivalent to one quarter of the approved budget of Nigeria for fiscal year 2023. In Lagos State:

- 16 million bags of rice, worth 300 billion Naira is consumed;

- 8,000 cows daily, translating to over 2 million cows annually are slaughtered with a worth over 328 billion Naira yearly;

- 20 million eggs are consumed daily;

- The list goes on and on. To cap it all, 50% of the total food produced in Nigeria is consumed in Lagos State.


There exists a problem - these opportunities seem to be exclusively available and open to those with deep pockets - The Rich.

Only the rich could rent big shops.

Only the rich have the capital to start a business.

Only the rich have the resources to start a business and start making money.

What if you got to know that this is not true not when the Tijaara Team has created a solution that makes it possible to start making money WITHOUT A SHOP, WITHOUT CAPITAL & WITHOUT ALL THESE BIG BIG RESOURCES.

Let me ask you:
Do you have a smartphone?
Do you have an email?
Do you have access to the internet?
Are you ready to put in the efforts required to make money?

If you answer YES to all these four questions, you are qualified to start earning. We'll take you through, just read on!

Tijaara has broken down the barriers that prevent people without capital from making money from the abundant opportunities in Agriculture with its groundbreaking innovative club tagged SACLAG. SACLAG stands for Smart Agrocommerce Club - Lagos. It is a Club that opens up agro commerce space for any one living in, or want to operate in Lagos, to make money . You won't be needing any capital. You will be leveraging on other people's goods to make money (commissions).

What SACLAG members get:
- Referral Commissions Would you like to perform an action once and earn passive income on it for a long time. SACLAG makes that possible. As a SACLAG member, every customer you refer to Tijaara or any of our sister company, you earn commissions per order made by your referral. You don't earn the commissions once, you continue to earn as long as you are a SACLAG member.

= You earn 5% commissions on all orders placed by your referral on Lekbud Food Hub (one of our sister companies). Just refer them once and that's it. As long as you remain a SACLAG active member, every order they make you on Lekbud Food Hub, 5% of the value is YOURS to cruise on!

= You earn commissions on every order made by people you refer to Tijaara Entrepreneur Network (TEN), the arm of our business serving wholesalers and retailers of agro commodities like food, charcoal, etc. Commissions differ per product and a list of products and commissions are periodically share with SACLAG members.

= You earn a whopping 25% referral commissions when you refer people to join SACLAG via your unique referral link. This commission is automated (if it's via your referral link). You can track your referrals and earnings seamlessly.

- Exclusive Discounts As a SACLAG member, you have exclusive discounts on all orders you place with your account on any of our sales platforms as well as those of our partners'. We give you a special treatment because you are no more a nobody but a SPECIAL person once you join SACLAG.

You can leverage these discounts to make money for yourself by helping them place orders for products on any of our sales platforms. To these people, you are simply helping them. You may even charge them a token for your service, but you know you are doing a cool money off the discounts, that which make you smile to the bank always.

- Start your Own Tijaara Money Community (TMC)

TMC is a sub club created by SACLAG members to empower people in their communities to start making money. As a SACLAG member, you have the liberty to recruit people who you train to do all you do as a SACLAG member to earn commissions and register them under your account. Whenever they make sales and earn commissions, they earn 25% of normal commissions (earned by SACLAG members) and you as the TMC Founder earn 50% of what they earn.

For example, say the commission on product X is 200 Naira per unit for SACLAG members, TMC members earn 50 Naira (25% of N200). You as the TMC Lead earn 25 Naira (half/50% of 50 Naira).
So say 20 of your TMC members sold 50 units of product X. That's 1,000 units in total. Each of them will earn N1,000 (N50 x 20) while you, as the TMC Lead, will earn 50,000 (N50 x 1,000).

- As a SACLAG member you and your TMC members get paid at the end of the month, just like full time workers receive salaries. The only difference, there is no limit to how much you can earn as a SACLAG member. Quite literally, you pay yourself. The more your sales, the more your commissions.

- Rewards We reward excellent performance amongst SACLAG members . Apart from other rewards, every month, high performers amongst SACLAG members are selected and rewarded. This we do to motivate and inspire all SACLAG members to reach for the apex.


What separates a wish from a choice is the price tag. Wishes are for people who are not ready to pay a price and that's why many don't achieve their wishes.

If joining SACLAG is a wish for you, we advise you stop reading at this point and get something else to do for we intend to have as SACLAG members, those who consciously make a CHOICE to make money through SACLAG.

Still reading, then it means you made a choice to join SACLAG. So we say congratulations!

We understand at this point, you are ready to pay the price of becoming a SACLAG member. For this commitment alone, we decided to further lower the entry barrier for someone like you.

Whilst we could have fixed the price at N10,000 per month as a membership fee (what you get far outweighs N50,000 per month as a matter of fact, you should make your first 6-figure within your first two months of joining SACLAG if you put in the required effort), we have decided to make it affordable for as many people as possible. For this reason, we have fixed the price at N10,750 per quarter (once every 3 Months). This is inclusive of N750 tax and exclusive of charges by payment platform.

Did you just open your mouth on how affordable this is, yes this was intentional. However don't judge the value you'd be getting in SACLAG by the money you paid. As a matter of fact, this price is only for a limited time, it'd definitely be reviewed upward very soon.

Let us burst your bubble, We have DE-RISKED the joining of SACLAG for new members. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE TO EVERY NEW SACLAG MEMBER FOR THE FIRST QUARTER. What does this mean, you ask.

It means if after your first three months as a SACLAG member, you ever think you wasted your money or you didn't get value for the membership fee you paid, you will get a full refund. No Stories. Note however that only N10,000 would be refunded. The VAT value and (where applicable) payment platform charges would not be refunded.

Ready to join, click the link below to make and join the few people (maybe you call them 'CABALS') who are mining the gold in the Lagos agro and agro-allied Industry.

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