Lagos State is the most populous state in Nigeria with a population of more than 23 million as of 2023. Its population is projected to hit 30 million by 2035 and above 40 million by 2050. In fact, 85 people migrate to Lagos every one hour.


The opportunities in the Lagos agro and agro-allied industry is immense ranging from the food, agro waste, energy, etc. With a burgeoning population which keeps increasing, the opportunities in the state can only get bigger and larger.


This ebook not only exposes the reader to the abundant opportunities in the this industry, but also opens up the access to the reader, to transition from just knowing about these big opportunities to making money from them. The Ebook ends with a call to action that eases the transition of the reader (if a Lagos resident or can position him/herself to operate in the state) to becoming an active player, from an entry point that is completely DE-RISKED.


This ebook is FREE and is part for series of resources we make available to Nigerians to democratize access to information about the opportunities in the Nigerian Agribusiness Industry. This is in line with our mission to create and facilitate the creation of ONE MILLION (1,000,000) JOBS via the Nigerian Agribusiness Industry by 2030.


The Ebook is succinct and only takes roughly 10 minutes to finish. It’s free of fluff and easy to read and digest.

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