Tijaara is an African and Nigeria-based agro trading company. We supply different agro and agro-allied commodities.

We help agro-based and agro-allied companies businesses to increase their supply chain efficiency by cutting costs of inputs and reduce purchase turnaround time and ultimately help them make more profits.

We have a robust supply and distribution chain which makes us the #1 partner for different players in the agro and agro-allied industry in Nigeria.

We leverage our understanding and experience of over 5 years of operating in Nigeria's agro supply chain to serve our clients, helping them save costs, time and increase their turnovers and profits.

Our Services

Packaging of Agro Commodities

Packaging helps brands stand out. We help companies package their produicts professionally. Do you have a brand and you want to easily scale across other products? Do you plan to export agro commodities to foreign markets and need a foregin-standard packaging? We got you covered, anytime at Tijaara.

Supply & Distribution

In Nigeria's highly fragmented agro-produce markets, getting quality products at best competitive prices is challenging.

At Tijaara, we leverage our large and robust database of producers - farmers, processors, etc. based across Nigeria to source for quality products for our clients, at the best competitive prices in the fastest time possible.

We supply and distribute high quality agro commodities, at highly competitive prices, to several players in the agro space.

Contract Production & Private Label

Production can be stressful, time consuming, yet inefficient. Production in the modern era is best outsourced to competent and reliable third party companies.

Outsmart your competitors today by cutting production stress, costs and challenges off your shoulders. Get your products produced and branded for you in your way, specifications and style while you focus on what matters most in your in your business - SALES!
Eiminate the burden of running production yourself - staff, raw materials, machines, maintenance, etc. Let's handle that for that for you.

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